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Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
The Beta's of Tiger are running on G3's so you will be OK on running it.

As for advantages over panther I definitely think it will be worth your wait to get Tiger instead of getting Panther now.

Safari 2.0 with RSS will be very nice (even though firefox has RSS now Safari is a very good broswer)
Spotlight will definitely make browsing your computer a whole new experience
Automater is a nifty little program (Kind of like recording Macro's in Word) that will let you create your own little tasks
Dashboard will allow you to have a bunch of widgets available at the touch of button built into the OS
QuickTime 7 will be a very nice update to QT6.

Only thing you will be missing out on with Tiger because of your system will be Core Image which most people would not even notice (

The jump from Jag to Panther showed speed improvements in the OS on G3's and I would expect the same on Tiger
Wow, sweet man. Yeah, I was aslo wondering about that. Like if the newer os x would be more optimized on g3's and have a speed performance, bc right now on this 10.1 on my g3 it runs kinda unstabley and slow

but my specs aren't bad, so it shouldn't be this buggy feeling

600 mhz
30gig hdd

and it's an ibook g3
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