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Originally Posted by dtravis7
opps! Forgot about that. I am so used to helping friends with at least Jaguar installed I keep forgetting that 10.1 might not run some apps out there. I was going to suggest NeoOffice as it's really Openoffice but with a more OSX designed interface, but I bet it will not work with 10.1. If you want very good Office compatibility though, when you upgrade to Panther try NeoOffice. Openoffice is the same thing but runs in X11 and does not have the OSX look and feel to it.

ABIWord is nice but if you want any real Office compability for more than just TEXT docs, it does not fare well. If you are just looking for a basic Word Processor, then Apple Works, AbiWord and anything will do, but if you want backward compatibility with Microsoft office, NeoOffice and Open Office are free and very good.

The new Apple IWork Suite is very good and cheap compaired to anything Microsoft and I so far have not had problems oppening any Microsoft Doc file even with pictures and graphs.
I see. Thanks for your help anyway though. I'll keep these apps in mind for when I do upgrade to panther. It just sucks, I mean most the programs should support all of OS X and not count out versions. Like windows counts everything in.

Anyway, thanks for the information. Much appreciated.
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