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OK so i'm hoping i'm in the right thread since i ALWAYS seem to be in the wrong... but i got a lil mix up goin on here..

I currently own the following
64gb ipod touch
Blackberry tour
Macbook pro

I sync my ipod with my macbook on a daily basis
I sync my blackberry with my macbook via (missing sync) which works perfect...

my problem is within the notes syncing...
If i type a calendar event on the ipod it stores/syncs on the ical app on my macbook which is great! but if i type a note on the ipod it doesn't store/sync it to the notes location of mail...

I DID notice something weird however... I have my gmail account setup under imail... there are (2) note tabs (1 that says "on my mac" and 1 that says "g mail")..... could this have something to do with the fix.... if so what else can i use to get my gmail (besides entourage --- man thats a nightmare) and for the record, i dont want gmail syncing with my ipod.... i already get gmail pushed to my blackberry so thats not a priority.... i just use iMail to check gmail without having to log into google every time (i know i know it only save about 30 seconds, but it's the COOL factor guys...!!! lol)

and, well.... for the notes on the blackberry- those get stored in a notes program built in to missing sync so thats a separate one for sure... THANK GOD otherwise i'd be pullin my hair out..

either way, whats up with the notes syncing on my ipod touch? is there a better program out there that i can purchase to sync itouch notes and notes on a macbook?!?!?!
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