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Originally Posted by Hyperluminal
Thanks. Although maybe I wasn't really clear enough.. I didn't mean when a program actually crashes, just that if it's especially busy and hogging the CPU (like doing a complicated Photoshop filter), that on my PC, other programs (and Windows itself) often won't be able to respond until that program is finished. I was wondering how the Mac handled something like that?

Although, good to know about the crash thing too...
OK, a pseudo-technical explanation of what's happening:
Any processor, be it Pentium 4, G4, or G5, is only capable of doing one thing at a time. By switching back and forth rapidly between various tasks/threads, it gives the appearance of doing many things simultaneously. The operating system controls this task/thread switching.
The photoshop thread is running at highest priority... the system IS still doing stuff in the background (because like OSX, Windows XP is a true multitasking OS) but the background processes simply aren't getting enough CPU time to do their jobs in a reasonable amount of time.
OSX might be better at letting background threads run, I dunno... I never tried a photoshop filter on a mac. The operating system might force the thread to run at a lower priority so that the system can still do its other stuff.

Ideally, you'd need a dual processor system. So even if one processor is 100% utilized doing that photoshop filter, the other processor will be able to handle the other operating system tasks. But you won't get that in a notebook.
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