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It looks like it should be fine with mismatched modules.

Originally Posted by Apple Support
iMac G5 computers work with memory modules (DIMMs) that meet all of these criteria: PC3200, unbuffered, nonparity, 184-pin, 400Mhz DDR SDRAM.

There are two RAM slots. The maximum amount of RAM you can install is 2 GB. You can use RAM module sizes of 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB, in either slot.

DIMMs with any of the following features are not supported in the iMac G5 computer: registers or buffers, PLLs, ECC, parity, or EDO RAM.

Always follow the upgrade instructions for Memory and AirPort Extreme card installation as written. Never attempt to remove screws that are not listed in the upgrade instructions.
EDIT: Or maybe not.

If that hint is accurate it sounds like the iMac is a dual channel memory architecture. In this case it seems to be one of the ones that reverts to single channel if the RAM is mismatched. Keep in mind this does not mean that it will not work, merely that it will be faster if the RAM match.
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