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I currently have a powermac G5 with a 20" apple cinema display (ACD).

I'm a writer and my main priority is having clear, crisp, readable text resolution and quick, responsive speed. I like having several documents open at once.

Now I want more real estate.

Should I do A or B?

A: Buy a high-end 24-inch monitor? (i.e. 1920x1200)

B: Keep my 20" ACD and buy a second one on craigslist and use two 20-inch displays?

I am fairly loyal to Apple, but they discontinued the 20"; and the 24" is not compatible with my G5.

I would probably break down and buy a 30-inch ACD, but for my writing needs, it would be overkill--too big--like sitting in the front row of the Cinerama theater.

Again - I don't care about photo editing or anything like that -- I just want a large workspace for multiple documents with THE CLEAREST TEXT RESOLUTION.

If I go with option A, I would be comfortable spending $600 for the latest Dell, non-TP panel.
If I go with option B, I'd probably look for one on craigslist, I suppose, or maybe ebay, although I hate buying used stuff.

Maybe there's another option?

thanks in advance for reading my long-winded question.
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