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Hi guys, since I'm not actually selling anything, I guess it should go here and not in the for sale section? (First post)

I've had a macbook for about 3 years now, the original core duo one and think it's about time for an upgrade. I really want to get another macbook so I'm hoping I could sell this one to offset the cost a little. My problem is that it has been used (and abused) extensively, and I'm not 100% sure I could sell it for a decent price. The main problems are general scratching all over the outer shell, some discolouration, very poor remaining battery life (1.5 hours max), 3 vertical lines of blue pixels on the screen, and finally, a crack in the casing to the right of the screen. (I think the screw houses broke, so now it's loose at that side.)

Does anyone think I could get much of anything for this? If not for sale on ebay, via a trade-in scheme or something?

Cheers, and sorry for the long post.
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