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Im not forcing it on you.. so I dont see the problem and also im not the only person here who loves Jesus... sorry if it offends any of you. Just put me on the ignore list if you want. What you got against me having Jesus as a avatar ? or promoting the Passion recut coming back out ? Im not posting stuff on the forums about Jesus.. I love being part of this community and everyone is friendly and your the first to tell me to keep what I love off the forum. I see things that offend me but im not moaning about it, whats the point of it ? and now thanks to you this post will probably be locked.. way to go now back on topic and please keep it on topic and no iwhat im not pointing the finger at you i like you

YES ! this ibook is great, It does need some more ram so thats next on the list and airport will be after that. The saying is true once you go Mac no turning back. My pc will gather dust for sure now.
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