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Originally Posted by idrinorbarsaku View Post
Knowing Microsoft's reputation, along with other windows running computers, I for one wouldn't want to be the first guinea pig for a new i7 with windows 7....they seem to barely take one step at a time successfully, let alone 2! So, serious threat? I don't think so! I'm sure they have new things waiting to come out anyways.
But that's just my opinion
I am not saying anything regarding the execution of i7 + Win 7 per se, but the market perception of these new technologies being released together.

Obviously, quad core processors have been in current higher end desktops for some time (many running Win 7 RC), so I would not be terribly worried about those systems "working."

It is the market's perception (meaning sales for the upcoming holiday season) when being bombarded by ads by Intel stating, "the most powerful laptop computers on earth" coupled with the generally well received/anticipated Win 7 launch will require some kind of offensive play by Apple.

If I were Apple I would...
  • introduce the new iMac
  • drop the base MBP 13" model and only offer the 4GB, 2.53GHz MBP 13" for $1,350 - $1,400
  • introduce a redesigned/more powerful 13" MacBook (that will bridge the gap of the base MBP 13" and the 2.53 MBP model)
  • decrease the prices of 15" & 17" MBPs by $100-$300 (depending on configuration)
  • next spring offer quad core MBP models
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