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Interstingly, I was at BB today in the laptop section (PCs) and the salesperson said to wait for 2 weeks when the new i7 quad core processor laptops come out (in concert with the release of Windows 7). How this may affect you is ... the processor divide between PC and Macbooks will (very soon) become huge. I don't think Apple will be able to disregard these two facts (Win 7 + quad core laptops) without upping the processing power of the current MacBook/MBPs.

Obviously, the Mac leaks have been about an updated 13" MacBook (plastic) and the new iMacs. But, I wouldn't be surprised (heading into the upcoming holiday season in a tough economy) that Apple bumps up performance across the MacBook Pro line also.

Some may say, "well the MBPs are only mid cycle so no changes for a while." But look what Apple did with the current Nano. Already they added an FM tuner and video capture just a few months after release.

I believe, for the first time, that Win 7 + quad core processors pose a serious threat to Macs -- and I don't believe Apple is that shortsighted not to counter this threat.
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