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Not for me though, I'm in love with my Radius Atomic Bass earbuds.

Actually I need recommendations for my 5 year. He is hard of hearing like I've been since childhood, and when he listens to music in the car, he has to keep adjusting his hearing aids, which bugs the crap out of him. So my exwife suggested we find him an MP3 player for his own music. I happen to have an extra iPod sitting here that I don't really use, a 1gb 2nd gen Shuffle (I've got a 20gb 3rd gen iPod...the shuffle is only good for shop use for me lol) that I figured I would load up and give him.

I just don't know what headphones would be good for him. No earbuds, I know that much. And I'd rather avoid cheapo dollar store products...and possible. Any recommendations that are decent for a kid?

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