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Hello everyone, this is my very first post here.

I bought my macbook pro less than two months ago (been a pc user all my life), and had it plugged into the power most of the time.

But last week, I was on the phone with an apple agent and he told me to calibrate the battery at least every two weeks if I want to use my macbook pro that way.

So I went ahead and calibrated my battery (followed all instructions on apple) and the battery health shown on coconut battery became 6380 (originally around 6500).

And a couple of days ago, I calibrated my battery again to make sure that wasn't a mistake, and now it is down to 6292 (96%!).

On coconut battery, it shows that my macbook pro is 5 weeks old and had 16 cycles, but it is now at 96% of its original capacity which I found very shocking. At this pace, my macbook pro's battery won't even last a year!

I constantly monitored the battery health the last few days to see if it would go up, but it didn't change at all (tried both having it plugged in and on battery power).

I would love to go to an apple store and talk to one of the 'geniuses', but I have no transportation to get there. (living on college residence)

So basically, my questions are:

1. Isn't calibrating the battery supposed to improve battery health?
2. Is my battery defective? (I have the extended 3-year warranty)
3. What are your advice on how to maintain/improve battery health/life?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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