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Hi, welcome to the forums.

Is there a way to get his old songs and appliactions that he bought back to my new computer?Does I tunes save these for us on a server?
Unfortunately not, however, if he has all of his songs on his iPod, then he can use a third party utility to move the songs from the iPod to the new computer. Apple does not support this directly, but there are quite a few tools out there that do this.

Have a look at this article

Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer - The Definitive Guide | iLounge Article

One the favorites on this forum is Senuti (iTunes in reverse :-)). I would start there.

Note, this is a pretty good case for backing up your iTunes purchases. iTunes makes this pretty easy. Once you get the content copied over, I would recommend backing up to a DVD or an external hard drive.
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