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I bought a new macbook pro in july this summer, latest model 2,2Ghz 13". Its my first apple computer and i love it but last few weeks the fan has made odd sounds, but only around 3000-4000 rpm. At 2000 and above 4000 it sounds like usual so i thought maybe the fan hardware was a bit loose or something since its only at certain rpms that it sounds odd. Oh maybe i should explain why i even monitor the fan rpms. I play world of warcraft 3 nights a week (i know.. but it -is- fun) and to keep the temperature below 85 degrees C, i run a program called smcFancontrol to push the lowest fan rpms to 5000 when i run the game since it uses a lot of CPU and GPU power.

Tonight however the fan went crazy, it sounded a -lot- more than 6000, which is the highest rpms i've tested. smcFancontrol adds a small monitor of the computer temperature (not sure what sensor) and current fan rpm, just left on the clock to the upper right in mac OS. The fan rpm monitor froze at around 5000 but the fan made serious noise for a laptop fan, it sounded like a light hair-dryer. My mother who isnt even very "technical" came into my room and wondered if anything was wrong with the computer. I turned the computer off, let it cool a few mins then started it, everything was normal. Started smcFancontrol and set fan speed to 5000, and the hair dryer sound came back. Uninstalled smcFancontrol, reboot, reinstalled a new dowload of the program, but same result as above. Restarted computer, started world of warcraft without running smcFancontrol and after a few minutes the computer started to automatically increase fan rpms as the temperature went up, and eventually the hair-dryer sound came back.

What to do? What could be wrong?

I have no clue what could have triggered the fan overflow, i havent dropped the computer or caused big mechanical force to it. I installed 4Gb RAM to it (up from 2) during summer but it was about a month before the fan started to sound loose around 3000-4000 rpm. It doesnt seem to be smcFancontrol that is behind the weird fan behavior since the problem is there even when i dont run the program. Any help is much appreciated, im new to the apple world and not sure where to look for help, except where i bought it.
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