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Originally Posted by Doppler808 View Post
This happened many years ago. Carriers won in court as the ToS specifically states "unlimited" for a specific device. Now if you tether that said device isn't using the data. The device that is tethered to it is using the data. This is why this has not changed.

What the FCC is looking at is the "exclusive" deals carriers have with providers. Apple and AT&T as a prime example. Has nothing to do with the Data Plans, MMS, and all that what-not.
I know that, I have been tethering for years on razr's and blackberries.

yes they are look at the exclusive deals, but also other aspects of how wireless companies operate. that includes data usage and what is or is not considered broadband internet (wireless internet), coverage areas and so on.

so..the cost of using a cell phone , ANY cell phone, may go up to use it for tethering.

to the OP, even a jail broken iphone with heavier than what is considered normal, or unlimited (there is a me) data usage will be looked at and you will be contacted.
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