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Originally Posted by deus_ex_machina
Work @ Alchemy/Locomotion Studios just outside Austin as a graphic designer/web and as of recently heading up our character animation and motion capture studio. The only gripe is that Vicon doesn't support I'm stuck on PC for most of the day.

nice toucan...with the slight slant on his eye he almost seems sad your GUI...Shapeshifter?
yup, shape shifter, I love that guikit. is your work far from where you live? Id never work for a company that uses pc for graphic design, its ridiculous.
Ive always said, if a company whose industry is based in macs cant get macs, or use them, I wont work there. and trust me, Ive turned down some high paying jobs for this reason. not that I cant use a pc, I just have grown to be disgusted by windows, I even charge extra per hour to work on pc's.
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