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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
No...I already checked on that. Coconut Battery is compatible with Snow Leopard.

I think that we are getting into a difficult part of figuring this out. Meaning we might be talking spending some money.

If your battery is dead or defective in some way...we can keep trying things all day long with no success. Also...if something hardware-wise with your laptop is broken or defective in some way...then again...nothing we try will help.

What I would suggest is:

- buy a new battery (more expensive)
- buy a used battery cheaply somewhere (less expensive)
- or if you happen to know someone with a MacBook that uses the same battery...mabe you could pop it into your computer to see if it helps.

If a "good" battery doesn't help...then we know that it is not battery related...and it then may be something related to the laptop hardware.

Good Luck,

- Nick
Thanks for all your help. Oh I do hope it isn't my computer. I look after it and this is the thanks I get.
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