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Hi everyone. I've been suffering at the hands of my macbook's battery ever since I bought the thing in late 2006. The first one packed in after a while and the nice man at the apple shop replaced it for me. "My battery is giving me grief." I said. "Of course it is, Sony made it." he replied.

My new battery performed admirably until about 10 months ago when my computer decided that, frankly, even though it recognised that the battery had full charge, it would rather run with the adapter and would switch off whenever I unplugged it. Not the friendly sort of switch off where the little light at the front stays on, but the kind where it just completely dies. I tried resetting the PMU and all of the usual fixes, but nothing. It continued like this for another a few months, then it stared running on the battery again. Then is stopped working again, but this time, refused to acknowledge that a batter exists at all. On top of all this, the little green night on the bottom of the battery stay on constantly and I can't work out why.

So, my questions are as follows:
  • Why is the green light on the battery always on?
  • Is the problem with my computer, or the battery?
  • If the battery is the problem, where can I buy a new one for as little money as possible? I'm thinking of buying one of those Japanese impostor batteries. I may as well buy a poor quality battery for £30 from them as buy a poor quality battery for £95 from apple.

Thanks for reading!
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