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got a few problems.

1) i want to incorporate a basic music player in my flash player
so i have a frame with the music on and a play button going to that
and a stop button with the command stop all sounds,etc
which works fine however i want to when u click play and the clip is already
playing for it to pause or stop, how can i do this? im guessing a
if(statement) ?

2) second, my site is built from the main stage. i have avoided playing with scenes and made all my "pages" mov clips and within the clips i have
script to play to where the content is on the clip and go to frame 1 on all other scenes using e.g _root.thebar.gotoAndStop(1); which also works fine
between clips however i want to go back to the main stage and play frame 10
and i can't im sure im doing something wrong cos all the _root.gotoAndPlay(10);
just stays within the clip or does

3) lastly, my movie is quite large and i was wondering if you can load swfs inside flash movies..and load them u would if you had a html page? for example i don't want to load my gallery or music page unless they click on the page where it should load then..

and if you want to offer files off a flash movie do u just make a button and use getURL ? the problem with this, is you can't load it internally within the flash movie.

thanks for ur help.. please pass me on to relevant tutorials if you have found one.
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