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Please hear me out.

I have owned two of the plastic macbooks and currently have a macbook air, which is one ebay. I love it but I need something with an audio input.

That said. I know the 13" macbook pro would be "better" but here are my reasons for thinking otherwise..

I noticed the plastic macbooks dont dent, at call really because there plastic and the new aluminum does dent, altho its just cosmetic, it can be aggravating

I do plan on recording but I personally think the black book will be just fine..

Money IS NOT an issue but Id rather save the 400$ if possible.

Ram - can be upgraded to 4gb which is all I could possibly need.
Hard Drive - 80 gb is all I could ever need
Processor Speed- its really not much of a difference..

I under stand the newer one has nicer features, firewire, sdk, backlit keyboard, and I am taking into acount the black book will possibly need a new battery [165$?]

Biggest thing im worried about is cracks, if cracks are pretty common with these black books then Ill run the other direction fast!

Im really leaving this totally up to you guys to make my decision, as I said money is not an issue but Id always rather save money.
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