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Thanks for the hint. Same problem with my Macbook Pro after upgrade. Aside from sleep, applications will not resolve local domain hostnames after a few minutes after boot. Disabling and renabling DHPC in Snow Leopard would cure this problem until a few minutes later and same problem occurs.

Seems like Snow Leopard is not respecting DNS ttl value of 0 by not querying the DNS server? I use DNSMasq (in a dd-wrt router) and that is the ttl default for local domain hostnames. Use "dig myhostname any" to confirm. I modified DNSMasq ttl to 1 second by adding this option:

and I no longer experience this problem. I hope this information can help someone.

never mind. my MBP slept overnight, and the problem is occuring again. urgh! i should have never upgraded to Snow Leopard.
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