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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
After factoring in the shipping it's an ok deal...but nothing to go "crazy" about!

But when you're talking under a $100 bucks for a computer...who can complain.

- Nick
I was thinking about it before I was outbid. I figured with a 30 day return policy it was at least worth trying to buy it. I do not think someone would put in a 30-day return policy if the item was damaged in any sort of mechanical way, I could care less about the cosmetic scratches and missing speaker grill, it's not as if they do anything other than protect the components inside. I tried to get another deal through craigslist but the guy insisted that $225 was a good deal for a Dual 867MHz g4 with a 80gig HD and no OS keyboard, or mouse. Needless to say I turned down the offer.

I left a message about the mac mini because I honestly do not expect to win the ebay mac, people always bid more in the final hours.

I was also thinking about this one (No stealing it from me ) Apple PowerMac G4 1.25GHz w/1GM RAM and combo drive - eBay (item 160364028327 end time Sep-27-09 14:00:37 PDT)
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