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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
The G4 Mini might be an interesting buy for $120 bucks.

One thing to watch out for...ask if the Mini has built in Airport for wireless networking. If it doesn't, and it's important to need some specialty parts to upgrade the Mini for wireless Airport...and this can easily set you back I think in the neighborhood of $125-$150 bucks!!!

If it does come with wireless internet...for $120...I would snap it up in a heart-beat!!!

But even without Airport it would be a decent deal.

Good luck,

- Nick
I am not that worried about the airport, though it is a huge plus if it has one. I have a USB adapter that goes with my router so that isn't a big deal as long as I have the open usb port, because I do not plan on running both my PC and my mac at once, so it is just a matter of unplugging it from my PC and moving it to the mini. My main concern is whether or not they have the DVI to VGA adapter, I do not have a single monitor with DVI input, only VGA.

However I still have not gotten a reply yet through email. I will try the number tomorrow, I don't know why I don't try numbers first anyway
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