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Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
It is nowhere near the specs of your late MDD so be careful. Dual Processors, and that is what it is NOT DUAL CORE, are an advantage for some applications only that can take advantage of the DP, however at the end of the day it is still a Gigabit Ethernet with the slow old 100MHz system bus speed and $100.00 is simply too dear for a machine using PC100 memory.

For web browsing etc a DP will perform very similarly to a single.
I guessed that, so I took a pass on it because he refused to budge on the price even after I showed him a quote of his mac that listed it for $50. I am waiting on 3 people who should send me some specs. one has a G4 mini looking for $120, another has a G4 powerbook, hasn't released processor, but for $150.
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