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Hello everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong area of the forums; I couldnít find anywhere where I thought it properly fit.

I am a University student living in the UK and I have been a PC user for my entire computer using life. Recently, however, I have fallen for the iPhone and its SDK; to the point that I am planning on focussing my dissertation around developing an app for the iPhone.

To realistically do this though I am going to need a Mac of my own to develop on; hence my conundrum Ďwhich Mac is for meí.
Unfortunately I donít know any big Mac users to ask advice of but from looking around online I have created a short list for myself of; the Mac Pro, the iMac and the Mac Book Pro.

From what information Iíve been able to find I canít see much difference between the Mac Pro and the iMac; other than the ability to open up the Mac Pro to upgrade its hardware and that the iMac incorporates a monitor.

Iím finding myself naturally drawn towards the Mac Book Pro, mainly for portability reasons; however, I suspect that it may have performance issues in comparison to its desktop counter parts.

As I mentioned before, I plan on mainly using whichever mac I end up with for iPhone app development; though it is likely that I will also be using it for 3D modelling with Maya, and video/photo/audio editing with the adobie CS3 suite. If anyone has any useful advice on which would be more suitable I would very much appreciate a reply.

Thank you for your time.
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