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Hey guys, sorry went to sleep after that last post. I have been thinking about which one to get. I am thinking I wouldn't mind having a bigger screen but, I have been using a 12 in for last 6 months and have gotten used to it. I am also on some money constraints as well. So with my student discount I can get a 12in iBook for 950 and tax it will be about 1000. I got 920 for my old comp so basically I am out 80 dollars. I am thinking just get the 14 in for 1200 but after tax it would be close to 1270. I am thinking I could do it but I would have to start coming pretty close to the limit on a few cards of mine. Unless they have an open box for like 1100 or something.
I did have a concern about the 30 g hard drive. But I am not really storing alot of stuff and I guess I could just save the money now and later if I wanted to I could just stick a new one in there. Thats what I will probably do. Thanks guys for all your help, especially iWhat. I will post back today with some pics, hehehe. I know this is off topic but, if anyone hasn't tried a tivo yet you should. The reason I say that is two fold. I genuinely love it and also I need one more referral to get an iPod. It would make a great addition lol. Anyways, if someone just got one within the last 2 months or is thinking of it I will paypal you 25 for the referral. Thanks guys I will be back around 3-5 to post pics.
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