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I have a few month old MacBook Pro, 13" 2.26 GHz, 4GB RAM (which I installed myself.), running Snow Leopard. My problem has been occurring before I installed Leopard.

While doing NORMAL day to day task like browsing the web with Firefox (problem happens with safari, too), trying to rip DVDs using handbrake or even open my dashboard, my CPU spikes up to OVER 100% usage. "kernel_task" is KILLING ME. What should take 2 hours to rip a DVD is now taking over a day. Almost any type of load I try and put on the processor, it's inhibited by kernel_task's 80% CPU usage, it's uses more than the actual application i'm trying to run. Not only do I not have and CPU power to do ANYTHING with my computer, my temps are almost always running over 100F all around, as far out as my enclosure base. "kernel_task" does NO take an obsessive amount of memory.

I can't pinpoint where the problem is. Where it came from, or what has caused it. I've done plenty of research just using google, and havn't found any help. Everything ive found is directed towards a similar issue with the MBA or ancient.

Any help would be seriously appreciated, as my computer is basically useless without it. There's not much I can do on it without becoming super frustrated with it and wanting to smash it. Please let me know if there's any further information that would help trouble shoot my problem.

Thanks, Nick
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