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Originally Posted by amartins02
Sorry for the double post but, I could go for the 12 in save battery power and ultra portable. Or go for the 14 get more screen and a bigger hard drive. What do you think?
Hello there,

It's funny, I had exactly the same response as you did when I was in the pre-purchase stage of my iBook. I was in the Apple store here in Germany like every second day. I thought, man, this computer seems a little slow for the money and I didn't like that the windows didn't maximize to the entire screen size etc. I also thought that I wanted the 14 inch but could not afford it.

I bought the 12 inch and couldn't be happier. The iBook is one sexy functional machine. I no not feel that it is slow in any way and I can surf just as fast as most others on various machines.

Give it a try - there really isn't much of a learning curve and there are many places like this forum with knowledgeable and friendly people.

Worst case scenario, sell your iBook if you don't like it. They have great resale values and there are always lots of people looking to buy slightly used.

I have has zero problems with pop-ups or viruses to date. however, my iBook could potentially cause relationship difficulties with my partner because I am on this darn thing way too much.

Last words, throw in some more RAM (at least 256 more) and you may as well get the 60 gig HD (30 is way too little). Other than that, you are set.

Looking forward to hearing your decision.

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