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I think there is some confusion in the usage of the word 'sync'. Yes, via CalDav, a user can create a new calendar in the iCal app that displays the contents of the google calendar. However, what the OP was asking was if there is a way to combine both his shared google calendar with his default iCal calendar. In other words, to only have one calendar. I, too, am trying to do this. I have backed up and deleted my default iCal calendar, and now my Google calendar is at the top of the list. However, will not automatically add events to a CalDav calendar for some reason. This is my only reason for wanting to do this. If i can have add .ics events to my shared google calendar, I'll finally have near-realtime calendar synching on my iphone via google cal!

I'm still looking into it. If anyone has any suggestions, I am eager to know. As of right now, in 10.5.7, I can't seem to get iCal to add events passed from to my default cal (which is now my caldav google cal).

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