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I'm trying to help my friend fix her laptop. I'm a PC person so I don't know enough about Macs. Here's the problem:

She was having memory problems so she changed her "Memory" setting hoping to fix it. She set the VM from 986 to 990, RAM Disk from OFF to ON set at 100%.

When it restarted, everything became extremely slow. Now it doesn't have enough memory to do anything. What we are trying to do is reverse the process by going back to Memory and setting it back. The problem is that everything is so slow and it takes like 15 seconds to display a drop-down menu. Then, when we finally click on Memory in the menu, it takes like two minutes to startup. Then, it gives a warning saying something like "Unable to run Memory. Memory not found." I can't remember the exact wording of it. I know that she didn't move any files or anything. The computer is too slow to do anything like that.

One thing weird that she noticed is that now, there is an icon on the desk that say RAMDISK. I told her that it is probably there because she turned it on in the Memory settings, but I don't know for sure.

The annoying thing is that she has this program called Roadrunner Medic (some monitoring app from her ISP) and AIM launching at startup that slows everything down. Roadrunner Medic starts first then AIM trys to start but an error pops up saying something like "Not enough memory to start AIM. Need zero K of memory to run...Try quitting Roadrunner Medic." That doesn't really work. We tried quitting roadrunner, but it freezes the computer when we try that.

I did some search for how to start up in different modes, but I have no idea which mode to use. These are the 2 sites I was looking at:

I have no idea what mode to boot in. All I want to do is to load up only what I need to get to the Memory settings and change them back.

These are the specs of her laptop:
Powerbook G4
256 RAM
OS 9.2

Can anyone help??? This is all the information that I know. At least, what I think would help. I going to help her try to fix it Sunday night. So any info would help.
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