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Ok, so I went to play with the iBook again today. This time I really spent some time on it. But, I realized its hard to really put a laptop to the test because the only real thing I could do there was try out Safari. Now the sad part. It seemed slow. I would click on an icon in the dock and it took like 3-5 seconds to come up. Then some of the windows were kind of small so I maxed them and they don't max all the way. On Safari I kept trying to scroll with the mousepad and kept forgetting that it doesn't have that feature. It's annoying not to have it.
So I don't now if it seemed slow because it had 256 ram or if it was the processor. Maybe I am just used to using windoze all the time. I felt a little lost. I am almost worried about buying one now. I went to a desktop and granted it may have a more powerful processor but I clicked an icon and it came right up. So then it has to be the processor right? I understand there should be some fear in switching over and jumping into something entirely new but I need to have this comp for at least another year or year and a half and don't want to be stuck with something slow or that feels slow.
My friend was with me and a die hard pc user. He doesn't understand why I would consider getting a mac. I told him about stability and pop ups and all the other stuff. He said "just get a pc, your used to it and know what your ding on it". I almost feel like there is some truth to that because I was totally lost. Is it normal for an iBook to feel sluggish like that?
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