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"I would like to say, that if anyone is sensitive here - it appears to be Mr. sonicptp himself. Mr. sonicptp has responded emotionally (multiple times now) to my post, each time choosing to ignore the opportunity to address my plea for assistance, and to offer any constructive input - why is this Mr. sonicptp??? If you are open to suggestions on improving your PC's performance, your 3-7 minute boot times 'are not normal' nor are they 'typical', but rather are signs of a very Sick PC, one that has probably suffered far too many crashes. Your PC may be beyond all help short of re-installing the OS, but if you're interested and haven't tried this yet.. try downloading a copy of the "BootVis" Optimizer and running it a few times. You may find that your boot up times drop dramatically, my old PC boot times held around 40-45 secs, and any deviation from this served as a barometer to developing problems. Good luck to you, my friend.

LOL How am I the sensitive one I am not the one who jsut replied with a novel... BTW no my computer isn't sick at all. I have a lot of scripts my computer has to go through with group policy and all. It's not FAST @ 1.83 DUEL CORE, but it does have 4 gb of ram and can do packet captures and all sorts of things without problems. My computer never crashes, but great assumption. In fact the only issue I ever have is sometimes coming out of sleep, but that usually has to do with switching from battery to line power and back again. BTW it's sonic9t9 not sonicptp..... It's not a point to point LOL. I am sitting here in city hall laughing @ I responded emotionally. It's a message board dude get over the bluntness!!
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