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Originally Posted by HSimm View Post
I meant no offence by my post, and really don't see how anyone with an 'open mind' could take issue with it. My questions were honest and to the point, and my facts accurate. I have niether the time or inclination to enter into unrelated banter, or to list the reasons behind the whys of how I equipped my laptop. I will say that I am editing HD video with FCP and am running OS X 10.6 (10.6.1), and that I would install 12GB of Ram if possible, for anyone knowing anything of FCP this should be enough. I would like to say, that if anyone is sensitive here - it appears to be Mr. sonicptp himself. Mr. sonicptp has responded emotionally (multiple times now) to my post, each time choosing to ignore the opportunity to address my plea for assistance, and to offer any constructive input - why is this Mr. sonicptp??? If you are open to suggestions on improving your PC's performance, your 3-7 minute boot times 'are not normal' nor are they 'typical', but rather are signs of a very Sick PC, one that has probably suffered far too many crashes. Your PC may be beyond all help short of re-installing the OS, but if you're interested and haven't tried this yet.. try downloading a copy of the "BootVis" Optimizer and running it a few times. You may find that your boot up times drop dramatically, my old PC boot times held around 40-45 secs, and any deviation from this served as a barometer to developing problems. Good luck to you, my friend.

Thanks to all for your suggestions, time permitting I will test them all. I'm happy to say that since submitting my post in this forum I have found a couple of things that have reduced my 1:06 time to 30 secs flat!! I will leave them for anyone who wishes to try them as I withdraw my membership and leave your forum. Although resolving duplicate fonts in 'Font Book' works for many, I found no duplicate fonts so this technique did not work for me. I did however find remarkable improvement by going into 'System Performance' and pre-selecting a 'Start Up' drive, this one setting surprisingly reduced my boot time from 1:06 secs to 51 secs. The next thing tried was resetting the 'PRAM' [deathcloud,thx!]. Resetting the PRAM dropped my boot time down from 51 secs. to 30 secs. Yet having apps that must run under Windows, I relunctantly installed WinXP Pro on a Boot Camp partition, boot times for the Windows Boot Camp were surprisingly 2 secs faster than OS 10.5 @ 28 secs. Needing a Virtual Machine, I installed VMWare Fusion and configured Fusion to run Boot Camp as my virtual machine, the installation of VMWare Fusion increased my boot times to 35 secs. I then upgraded my OS X.5 to Snow Leopard 10.6 and flushed out the PRAM one more time and have resulted in good solid boot times of 32 secs. I now have a figure that I can live with and one that can be used to quickly gauge system deterioration.

I Bid You All Adieu


Aw don't leave! This forum is actually helpful and I am sorry if you do continue to leave this forum it was nice helping you! Hope you love your mac still!
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