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No. OK, I'll try to explain why I asked.

Since tethering was disabled, I've been trying to come up with an alternative way to connect to my iPhone's 3G network thru my Mac, which by the way has no internet. I've attempted to connect a wireless router to the 3G so it would use the iPhone's static IP to connect wirelessly to the Mac. In other words, since I am no longer able to connect the iPhone and Mac directly to establish a shared network, I was trying to get the router to act as "the middle man", that way the iPhone and Mac could possibly tether via the router. But for me to even see if this could work, I need both the wireless signal and the 3G working on the iPhone at the same time. Since that's not possible by default, I was wondering if there's some sort of app or a hack/tweak that enables both to work. I honestly don't know why anyone would see the use in making them not override eachother, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask anyway.
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