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Originally Posted by technologist View Post
Considering you start up, what, once or twice a week, does it really matter if it takes one minute or ten?
It actually does matter. I was mad because I had the little 160GB HD 5400RPM and it would boot probably around 30-45 seconds.

Then I get excited by installing a new HD and it ends up taking 45 seconds to boot? Am I supposed to be happy about that? No I wasn't. I would turn my computer on, go do something else, because I don't want to stare at my screen for 45 seconds and also I installed a 500GB 7200rpm so I expected quick boot time but it wasn't working right and I knew something was up. Now I didn't just give up and say OH WELL... I searched through the forums and found some good advice and now I have a 15-20 second boot time and I don't have to leave and come back because it isn't that long of a wait.

Originally Posted by HSimm View Post
I upgraded to 8Gigs of RAM (Mushkin PerfectMatch 8GB), and installed a 256GB Crucial M225 2.5" Serial-ATA Solid-State Drive.
If I spent 729.99 on memory and then 649.99 on a hard drive. Thats 1400+ basically another laptop. If I spent that much. Wow... That thing better boot so fast. And be an incredibly fast machine. I agree with the OP something is wrong. Hopefully you find a way to fix it. Maybe with some research and the tips I gave you it can be fast.
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