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My help was he should be happy with his boot up time. I have never read a set amount of time you should expect the boot up time to be. a minute boot up time is awesome for my POV. So he should be happy with what he has.... Why should I tell him how to speed up what I view to be already a VERY fast boot up time. I'm sure if you mac people don't like my bluntness but that's me... You guys are a bit sensitive about stickcing to the subject MUST ANSWER MUST ANSWER. Jesus it's the internet and a message forum. My opinion is that his boot up time is AWESOME. Just because he spent a lot of money doesn't mean it should boot up in 10 seconds flat sorry.

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Did you seriously have to say that? There isn't a productive point (or word for that matter) in those posts.

What have you installed so far? It is very possible that services and other processes are being loaded during the boot which could slow down your machines boot time. The RAM probably didn't help with the boot time much but the SSD should have increased the boot time considerably from what I've read.

Also, are you running Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6)? If you're unsure (both look very similar), go to  > About This Mac. What does it say under "Mac OS X"?
a 20 second improvement out of 1:20 is a heck of improvement for the amount of money he spent.
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