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OK so I rely on my iphone's Internet tethering option to connect to the interwebs. I used to have DSL and it was overpriced so as soon as I discovered Internet tethering I said hey, screw you ISP, and dropped em like a hat. I enjoyed using my iPhone as a wireless router and boasted about how I no longer had to pay extra for Internet service.

Then I did something idiotic by updating to 3.1 yesterday. It wasn't till hours later when I had to look something up on the Internet that I realized I had no connection. Ever since then I have been beating myself up over it, and have even called the nearest Apple store to ask them if they could downgrade my phone back to 3.0 because I "simply was not happy with it". Basically they said a bunch of BS about policy and all that junk. So that's a no. Before calling them I tried restoring my phone from backup (from when it was still 3.0), hoping and wishing it would work. All it did was restore all the info, the software still remains 3.1. I am frustrated and feel completely screwed over by AT&T and Apple.

My last and only resort is to wait for a hack that enables Internet tethering for 3.1. My question is, how long does it usually take for a new software version to be jailbroken? A week? A month? Is there a possibility that they may never be able to enable Internet tethering with a hack and people like me who rely on this feature to get online are just plain screwed?

Give it to me straight. I can take the pain.
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