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Hi Everyone,

I was a Windows Poweruser for many years, with the advent of Vista I have given Microsoft the heave-ho and have become a Mac convert. I purchased a Macbook Pro 17" 2 weeks ago and was not happy with the 1:20 boot times I was getting from the 4gb RAM and 500gb 7200rpm hd, so I upgraded to 8Gigs of RAM (Mushkin PerfectMatch 8GB), and installed a 256GB Crucial M225 2.5" Serial-ATA Solid-State Drive. I expected to see a marked improvement, but my Mac boot time is still panifully slow at 1:06 secs.

I've seen videos and have read reports of the Macbook Pro booting in the range of 20secs or so, so I'm sure there's something else I should be looking at, but being new to the Mac I'm not quite sure where to look. I have found the posts today regarding Redundant System Fonts and will try that asap, but I'm sure there's still more that can be done to optimise this sluggish performance. I will welcome all tips & suggestions anyone has to improve things, right now my Mac is running like a lead sled. Thx!

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