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Today I decided to plug in my HP Scanjet 4670 scanner(which I've always had problems with––Windows, Linux, Mac). After I had problems on all three OSes, I originally decided just not to use it. However, today, I figured I'd give it a try. It had the same problems, and then I uninstalled it.

Everything went smoothly until I opened up photoshop to do some graphic editing. Everytime I would go File>open, select the file, and then click open it would just hang on me(gave me a little wrist watch, then spinning beach ball). As well, If I go File>New and try to create a new document, same thing.
I tried re-installing Photoshop. However, it seems everything that I install from the disc appears to not work! (For ex. when I go into the disk, and click the read me(.txt) TextEdit hangs as well. However, all other files associated with text edit(.txt) work fine. Realizing this, I doubted that a fresh install of Photoshop would do anything. I was correct. It did nothing to solve the problems!

Can you assist me with this!?
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