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Hi, I'm new to Macs, coming from the unix/linux world. I just installed the unison file synchronizer, which runs fine if I type it's location explicitly /usr/local/unison-2.32.52/unison. But I can't seem to set the path so that I just need to type "unison".

Here's what I've done:

1) I created a .bash_profile and added the unison directory to my path: export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/unison-2.32.52.

2) I sourced .bash_profile

3) confirmation that it works: $ echo $PATH

But when I type "unison" in the command window, I get: $ unison
Error: can't find the Unison application using the Launch Services database.
Try launching Unison from the Finder, and then try this again.

I guess I don't quite get how the Mac does things (OS 10.5.8). Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks!
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