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The locked library and lack of being able to copy mp3s to or from a different computer without work arounds. Obviously because anyone doing that is stealing music, right?

Even though I like my iPod this "assume the user is a thief" functionality of iTunes is really annoying. Having music on a few different computers in different locations I'd hopped I could unifiy my library and have it all on my iPod. Nope, not without copying everything over to a single computer and then transfering it over in that fashion. Not to mention the Audible books that I have to now download to my one computer with a linked library. It's a big PITA, and I'd really prefer it if Apple didn't assume I was stealing from them or someone else and make their software more functional.

Anyways, its currently a pet peeve of mine so I kind of get irritated on the issue of activation and how Apple trusts people not to be pirates because they don't have to activate OS X.

So yeah, not much to do with the topic, other than the not quite according to the licence agreement install of OSX mentioned above.
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