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Hi guys,

I was going to get an ibook, but decided to settle on a PB due to better spec for multimedia purposes (audio and video).

The company I work for have a PB (M9227) in stock, which our customer cancelled last minute. As a favour our sales director offered me this machine for 975 inc VAT. It is brand new and in the warehouse untouched.

This is what I know of the spec:
15" screen
BT/Airport Extreme
80Gb HD
512Mb RAM

This got to us in January. Thing is how current is the spec in comparison to the current models. I know the current 15" superdrive version comes with a 1.6 Ghz processor - is this the only difference between my model and the new version or are there more differences?

Is my one BT 2.0 compliant?

Am I getting a good deal?

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