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Originally Posted by Echotraveler View Post
im not sure of what your saying man!

Mac is a religion, putting windows in your mac is sacriledge! dont do it! stop using games, or use the old comp as a game PC

if you do put windows, youll need a antivirus, not that it will actually save you from them and from millions of crap programs entering your sanctuary....

youll have to ask itunes about the movies....hope you can get them
I have a mac, and I have put windows on it for gaming and it's great!!

It's so great, that every time I start up windows, I! this is great!!

7. Last Question. A few Blu-ray movies I've purchased a few months ago had the digital copy from iTunes available. So I downloaded those my PC. My PC crashed and I lost everything on it. So is there a way to re-download those movies through iTunes on my Mac when I get it, even though I've obviously used the codes?
I believe if you purchase a download from iTunes, it's for a lifetime... you just have to authorize your computer again, with a restriction of 5 times. (I think)

hope this helps

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