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If your wanting to play games on your MBP, then definitely go with Boot Camp. You can always try CrossOver (google it) becuase I think that would work better than VMWare or Parallels. It still isnt' native though like Boot Camp though. I have a 3 year old MBP and was able to run Half-Life 2 on it just fine. I do know with the most recent version of VMWare that you can use it to boot into your Boot Camp partition, but I'm not familiar with Parallels.

The battery life all depends on how many applications your running. If you have a USB flash drive plugged in, you'll get lower battery life just becuase it's giving power to it. If you want great battery life, just have open only applications you need at the time. Keeping bluetooth and wireless off when you don't need them will also help you conserve battery life.

If you use Windows on your Mac I would recommend some sort of antivirus program such as AVG. If you do get a virus, don't worry, it won't affect your Mac install, just Windows OS.

Not sure about the digital copy of the blu-ray movies.
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