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First of all congratulations on your new iMac. I'm sure you'll enjoy using it.
I agree with D3v1L80Y the first thing to do is to check the disks that came with your machine and see if you have the SL disk or not. If you don't then you must be in the same situation as I was.

I ordered my MBP last Tuesday and with the HDD upgrade it was shipped (surprisingly early) on 27th and that's a day before official release of SL. although it is common practice for Apple to include the disk with these kinds of orders, my MBP was delivered yesterday with Leopard preinstalled and NO SL disk.

I called the sales reps today and explained exactly what I wrote above, he obviously told me that I'm eligible for the £7.95 upgrade but I told him that I expected a free disk or even pre installed OS. He said that he's not authorized to give me the free disk but he will discuss it with his supervisor and get back to me.

I got a call from him in 20 mins and he said that a free SL retail disk is on it's way to my delivery address.

I knew that he had a point in saying I ordered my machine before the official release date of SL, and even if he had called me back and said I should pay the £7.95 I was happy to do so, but I thought it's worth a try.

in anycase, check your order date to make sure you can argue the same, and also keep in mind that you are going to talk to another rep and the outcome could be different.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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