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Received my 20" iMac yesterday... this is my first Mac (I've used Windows for 9+ years) and I'm quite impressed so far... minus the dead/stuck pixel, which to be fair is hardly noticeable.

Now, I'm sure (or, I was sure) that all new Macs ship with Snow Leopard pre-installed, please correct me if I am wrong. If I click the Apple logo, then 'About This Mac' the version shown is 10.5.6 - am I right in saying that the version isn't Snow Leopard?

I haven't installed any of the discs provided (OS, or applications). I assumed that the latest version would have been pre-installed. The OS disc provided is also version 10.5.6... which can't be right.

I purchased the iMac online from the Apple Store; and it did (and still does) read 'Includes Snow Leopard' when you are browsing through the different models... however I just noticed that if you scroll down under 'Included Software' it only lists Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard...

I've probably just misunderstood or something... I'd appreciate if someone could explain.

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