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I do appreciate people who go out of their way to help people. However, I would try to remember (especially the posts that aid nothing except a put-down) that you do not know the person's history who is on the other side.

Considering I sat in a bean bag all through high school and had to go back to community college to learn how to read, speak and write, I know how far I have come. I do not think people in general will post a question(s) just to **** people off.

I was in an accident close to my first day at high school and my brain was out on the road with m skull cracked. That is how it was described to me who were some of the first to reach the scene. I was in a deep coma for months, with my family debating to let me go or not.

On thee forums, I have tried on question at a time and I get; "no man, it is OK ask as many as you want, we can make things out of we want," to things like you said, to really rude comments to ones that seem to be able to peek through the LCD and know my situation.

So, what I have learned is to pass by the people who right away criticize and go to posts like yours, even know there was a lot of that too. I do try but at times (tired, ill, hungry, upset, etc.) my problems with spelling and articulating (grammar too-big time) come back. I am sure ou know how sometimes you can just not get in the right mind-set to be more patient at someone, for example.

So, anyway, if you do not care about other people's feelings, that is your choice, but from someone who deals with this kind of stuff when I can't even speak when I go in to buy a Coke, if you can try to be empathetic. I would guess that 90% of the people who are doing something the way you o not approve of are not doing it on purpose or might be even doing their bet for that time.

I usually do not even get into it in thee forums because they attract people who , for some reason, look for things to criticize. But there are a lot of good people who want to help others and those people find my post and have given me a lot of help. In the meantime I have learned to pass by the others real fast, almost without even thinking twice.

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