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I hope do not have to get the glossy one but if I do than maybe I will step down to the 15
I believe you have the option of getting the non-glossy matte screen with the 17 inch MBP, but not the 15 inch, so if your goal is to get an anti-glare screen (which I think is much better and represents colors more accurately), then you'll want to ask for it specifically with the 17 inch model.

I need 6GB of ram. that is a fact and because I pix at the keys, explaining it will produce a bunch of typing with errors and then you might ask me to go elsewhere, s take it as fact, need at least 6 GB of ram.
What does the amount of RAM have to do with typing? This doesn't seem to make any sense.

I have heard that mixing brands and not putting exactly what apple put in can cause some problems down the road. I have only heard this, never had anybody say; "yep, that happened to me."
Brands of what? Macs come with drivers for many kinds of non-Apple peripherals, though it might be hard to find drivers for a few. If you mean software, there are some software titles that don't exist for Mac, and there are some apps (including third party ones) which work only with Macs. But I'm not sure what you're talking about here.

Anyway, have a copy (the first version that I never used that if find out it can take the "place" of Bootcamp, I would pick Fusion.
I have no idea what you're saying here. You have a copy of what?

I would just want to be able to work on Mac and Windowez apps n the same desktop at the same time and not have a lot of problems.
You shouldn't have any problems with Parallels or Fusion, just be aware that for gaming and graphics-intensive work you will need Boot Camp to reboot into Windows, since a virtual machine must share processing power, which makes certain things run slow. But it will be fine for using most general applications like MS Office from your Mac desktop.

So, can I get some feedback on the ram and why OCW (I think that is the company) sells for the new ram a "tool kit?" what does the tool kit do and do I really need one? it says this above the ram for the new MBP unibody that can hold 8gb of ram.
All this means is that the RAM sticks are packaged together in tandem so you can properly expand your computer's memory. So if you have 4GB of RAM already installed, it will give you two sticks of 2GB memory for a total of 8GB, rather than give you two sticks of 4GB.

Should I order the Snow Leopard right off or is this something I would want to wait?
By the time you order your Mac, it will probably come with Snow Leopard already installed. If there are still regular Leopard machines available, it would be up to you which OS you'd prefer. There are probably some small bugs in SL that you might want to wait for Apple to address later on, but then you'll have to pay the thirty bucks for the upgrade. Might as well get SL now if you'll need it eventually anyway. I would definitely get SL because even if there are some glitches, Apple will fix them in the near future via software update. They're usually good about addressing things like that quickly.

I read either at that in the stores or online or both that they will install all the apps I order, not just the one free install anymore.
True. All Macs come with iLife and other basic apps, but you can also have them install iWork and other app packages for an additional fee. They will also either guide you through the process of migrating your data or do it for you.

I have been using my friend's new MBP with Leopard (which I have not used yet)
First you say you're using your friend's Leopard machine, then you say you haven't used it yet. Which is it?

the "cinematography" of Leopard kind of bothered me.
Do you mean the look of the graphical interface? It is rather futuristic looking, but that's what most people like about it. Would you rather it look like the old boxy Windows 95 GUI or something?

I seem to always lose my airport connection at a hot spot or even at a friend's house using airport Extreme and once that happens it is like I have to just give everything time to rest before I can establish a connection again
This might be an issue with your friend's computer. I have no problems connecting to wireless signals with my MBP, though some people have said they think the aluminum casing interferes with wireless access. But keep in mind that wireless hot spots are not always consistent.

I am so glad I have not had to call applecare on this lately because they never know how to deal with it and I waste more time with them trying to figure something out
No offense, but I'm having a hard time really understanding you even after spending a few minutes reading and re-reading your questions. If your explanations are this incomprehensible on the phone, I doubt you're getting the best advice from AppleCare. AppleCare has always been able to help me or at least point me in the right direction, but then I'm pretty "computer-savvy" and can usually troubleshoot my own issues without ever having to call them.

I have that Missing Manual booklet coming and I hope it helps me if I am using Snow Leopard.
I don't think there is an edition of that book for Snow Leopard yet. I'm sure it can answer some basic Leopard questions, but you might want to return it and wait for an official Snow Leopard edition of the manual to be released.

I heard that I should be doing it with a disk installed or something like that. I guess it is a tool that I did not get with my MBP
There are some processes that can only be performed with the install DVD inserted before you reboot (and you must also hold down the "C" key at the same time). Install discs are machine-specific, meaning an install disc from a different Mac will not work on the one you're using. It must be the exact same disc that came with that specific disc, or it must be a new retail copy. You said you're using your friend's Mac, right? Just ask him for the installation DVD.

It's not so much the number of questions you have, but the way you're communicating them. Is English your primary language? If not, you might need to ask for help translating or something when you have your appointment at the Apple Store, or maybe there's a special extension at AppleCare for other languages.
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