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(I have a feeling there is too much here, but I was wondering what the post on OSX is about? I saw it and I read it but I did not understand what its main theme was. I know, I am way stupid, but I get better after I am told the answer.)

You guys have been very polite to me. On the other forums by my 3 post, I have people begging me to leave and ask my "obvious" questions somewhere else.

anyway, this is for any expert or how about a panel of experts?

I am getting ready to order a MBP, 17", I hope do not have to get the glossy one but if I do than maybe I will step down to the 15". I need 6GB of ram. that is a fact and because I pix at the keys, explaining it will produce a bunch of typing with errors and then you might ask me to go elsewhere, s take it as fact, need at least 6 GB of ram. I have heard that mixing brands and not putting exactly what apple put in can cause some problems down the road. I have only heard this, never had anybody say; "yep, that happened to me." Anyway, have a copy (the first version that I never used that if find out it can take the "place" of Bootcamp, I would pick Fusion. My knowledge n this area is very immature (or premature or immature or??) and I am not sure my brain can comprehend a virtual computer or whatever Fusion creates. I would just want to be able to work on Mac and Windowez apps n the same desktop at the same time and not have a lot of problems.

So, can I get some feedback on the ram and why OCW (I think that is the company) sells for the new ram a "tool kit?" what does the tool kit do and do I really need one? it says this above the ram for the new MBP unibody that can hold 8gb of ram.

Should I order the Snow Leopard right off or is this something I would want to wait? Do not ask me why I asked this questions, it just seems this s a frequent question people ask me all the time.

I read either at that in the stores or online or both that they will install all the apps I order, not just the one free install anymore.

I am gong to get One-on-One in hopes that the local apple store I can get help migrating everything over from my old MBP to the new one?

I have been using my friend's new MBP with Leopard (which I have not used yet) and the "cinematography" of Leopard kind of bothered me. (I can hear the crowds coming t get me now. The display an the gloss display just seemed like it was for the latest futuristic movie like starting Star Wars all over again but it was made for this type of use. Anyway, I am probably not making sense. On one had I am excited on the other since I seem to always lose my airport connection at a hot spot or even at a friend's house using airport Extreme and once that happens it is like I have to just give everything time to rest before I can establish a connection again. I know sounds odd but it happens. I am so glad I have not had to call applecare on this lately because they never know how to deal with it and I waste more time with them trying to figure something out.. It fins them really well and 30 minutes later I am going through Network Diagnostics. and I never have any luck once the notebook leads me to go through Network Diag. Anyway, just more of a comment then expecting somebody to have an answer. (But some help would be appreciated.)

I have that Missing Manual booklet coming and I hope it helps me if I am using Snow Leopard.

Oh, last question. I always repair and check permissions on my HD icon (I only have 2 in disk utility) but I heard that I should be doing it with a disk installed or something like that. I guess it is a tool that I did not get with my MBP and I think (if I am remembering correctly) that I was going to download it but finding the right DVD was a frustrating process. Any suggestions on using Disk Utility right? It seems I always have a problem even if I use it and go back a few minutes later, there is another permission that need repairing.

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