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Hey Shad,
As I said, the purchase was authorized but a middle manager intervened and nixed the equipment I needed in an act of office politics. I could sit around for 10 more years using obsolete hardware because another employee thinks he has something to prove, but I'm choosing to take action and make my workplace more tolerable and productive for myself and coworkers. When "normal office processes" are direct actions to throw me under the bus I would be a complete fool to sit back and do nothing. So yeah, I'm going to snuff an obsolete 12 year old computer so I have a usable tool to do my job. I tried the "ethical" route and was thwarted by a petty jerk, who because he can't get his own purchasing needs filled feels OK killing my already authorized equipment. I'm pretty comfortable doing this, too. I'm all set with Photoshop 4.0, ready to move on to a slightly newer version. Oh yeah, a new version and computer authorized for purchase until someone screwed me over because he couldn't get a set built.
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